Poor Credit

Poor Credit




Pay As You Go Car Finance is a service provided by Cars of Wirral and a group of selected specialist finance lenders to provide finance for people who have poor credit ratings.


PAYG is based exclusively at Cars of Wirral. This is the only dealership with a near guaranteed onsite finance provider throught Wirral & North Wales.


Our finance underwriter is normally on site at Cars of Wirral during the following hours:

  • Monday - Friday
  • Saturday
  • 9am - 6pm*
  • 9am - 5pm*

* hours may vary at times, appointments may be necessary during busy times.

The sales department at Cars of Wirral is open 7 days a week (including bank holidays), fully trained and always on hand to chat about PAYG. Opening hours are:

  • Monday - Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • 8am - 7pm
  • 9am - 5pm
  • 10am - 4pm

What and why

At Cars of Wirral the need was identified for a special finance unit to cater for those people who struggle to obtain finance to pay for the car that they, their family, and their job need and deserve.

Dealerships across the nation all advertise that they have years and years of experience in providing mainstream finance for those fortunate enough to have a good enough credit rating, but the global financial crisis has meant that millions of people have suffered financially, and a lot of the time it is through no fault of their own.

At Cars of Wirral, we refuse to accept the theory that a persons credit rating should dictate the quality of the motor vehicle that they and their family drive. Too many people only dream of driving a quality motor vehicle, and we feel that's a sad situation that we want to change. We invest our time and resources to explore every opportunity to provide credit options for people who have suffered financially. Subject to status & affordability (therefore bank statements are sometimes necessary), we provide finance for people who have defaults, arrears, CCJ's and even people who have previously been bankrupt. What's more, finance with PAYG sees many people back on the road to credit recovery, as good payment of this credit will improve their credit rating for the future. So, if you, or anybody you know, have suffered in the past and need/deserve a quality used motor vehicle then don't let past credit refusals keep you down, we really do help many pleasantly surprised happy customers every week. PAYG Finance at Cars of Wirral, where "We finance your future, not your past!".

Why are we any different?

Car finance at Cars of Wirral is different to anywhere else, because quite simply, finance is who we are and what we do. Most dealerships will claim, quite rightly so, that they have decades of experience in "car finance this" and "car finance that", but our finance department has experience on the other side of the fence - some of our staff have been the finance company! Whichever way it's labelled, whether it's over the top and we claim it's in our DNA or our blood, in simple terms car finance is us. We have financial experts who have been the ones approving finance themselves, so we certainly are the right choice in helping you if you have had credit troubles. Some of our teams experience has seen them provide finance for some of the largest used car dealerships, not only in the North West but also throughout Scotland and the South Coast of England, and they have even been a finance provider for a national main dealer network. So we certainly know car finance, and no matter what your credit rating we relentlessly scour the market looking to help, with attitude almost as if the word No had been torn out of the dictionary.

What do others say?

Name not provided (Home town not provided)
I had a poor credit rating, and I presume like some other people out there I do not really like to talk about it. I don't feel like it was my fault, and I gave up enquiring about finance a long time ago and I felt deflated and embarrassed, almost humiliated at people rejecting my application to be able to have a nicer, more reliable car. Then my neighbour, who has been through a similar situation to me, said she got her car through with this finance, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. It was so nice and friendly, extremely relaxed, but above all it wasn't intrusive about my past loans. I really only had to show some recent bank statements and now I have a lovely car, and paying this finance will help repair my credit rating for the future.
Steve (Wirral)
It was déjà vu for me cos when I got finance at a garage about 6 years ago it was a couple of people at the finance department at Cars of Wirral who found me the deal when they worked in car finance. I had bad credit at the time so I was made up. Since then I lost my job during the credit crunch, like loads of people did, and even had to sell my car. Although I'm working again now my credit went even worse so I didn't think I would even pass but the PAYG finance was recommended to me and again these guys have provided the finance. The best thing is now I've got a reliable car again I can go back to my trade again, so happy days.
Tony (Liverpool)
I have a very bad credit rating and I'd genuinely given up trying to get finance anymore after always being knocked back. Then a friend told about the specialist finance company at the dealership, and it was so quick and simple. Now I finally have the car that my job requires and my family deserves.
Rebecca (North Wales)
It's so easy and not like I imagined how specialist finance for bad credit would be. I've had a few credit "blips" like a lot of people, but it shouldn't mean I can't drive my children in a reliable car, and I really felt respected and looked after. And by paying for this I am improving where I am on the credit ladder.
Sam, Wirral
Thank you so much to the guys for all their help. I've never been able to get car finance before, but even then I didn't think I'd find something I could afford to insure as well. So much choice and such relaxed and friendly advice.
Jane, Northwich
I used to be resigned to driving a little old car, worrying each year if it would pass an MOT, then I heard about the near guaranteed finance company based at the dealership. I gave 3 months bank statements to prove my income and a day later it was all approved and I now have a car I could never have even dreamed of.
Name not provided (Lancashire)
I do not speak very good English but here it was very easy to have finance. It was more easy here when they said Yes than when other people have said No in my past. I like pay as you go service very much and will recommend.

Thank you to all those with nice words to say, we'll carry on working hard to provide a happy future for those with a gloomy credit past.

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