Nationwide Extended Comprehensive Warranty Options

Drive away with complete peace of mind.

Here at Cars of Wirral we are strong believers in considering today your needs of tomorrow, that's why we work together with some of the best warranty providers to offer you a wide range of policies that are flexible to you. Not all drivers have the same budget or needs as each other, so our warranty providers tailor their policies to suit you.

We believe that building up a relationship of trust is no more important in any other sales industry than used motor vehicles. This is why we offer comprehensive warranties that can be claimed at any VAT registered garage, so if you or your family have built up a relationship with a trustworthy mechanical garage over the years then we are delighted to welcome them into the policy that provides care for your car.

For a more detailed overview of our competitively priced policies please call 0151 647 7114 or send us an email.